How To Find Home Sellers

Where are the home sellers that are really motivated and ready to sell?

What are the best ways to find and create communication with potential home sellers? Which ways really work in today’s Real Estate market? There are many Obstacles & Difficulties when trying to get a listing from potential home sellers.

Hunting down and finding a potential home seller is not as easy as you may read about online or thru real estate training courses. You will find many course, books, YouTube videos, and motivational speakers and so on showing you real results on how quick and stress-free they find sellers. Of course you will have to pay for these supposed top secrets that no one else knows. Amongst the secrets will be how to do mail outs, what is the newest software’s accessible to agents, how to acquire buyers list, you will hear all of these. 

Some of these methods if not all might work. It depends on where you live and just how the market is in your area. These systems usually require more work and money then how it’s explained or presented. Agents that expect all this to be free will come to a sudden reality. In Real Estate there is no way around it, from morning till evening, you are in constant prospecting mode. You will get lots of leads with these systems but must learn how to convert them into transactions.

Here is a way I have focused on before. Within my farming areas, I have done a mailing campaign for three to five months. You can obtain all the mailing address thru your MLS systems tax records and select a specific location or community. If you use mailing software, you can even personalize with the owner’s name. It’s a great idea to send the postcard or whichever mailing based on the season and time of the year. You can even change it up by mailing postcards, written letters, newly listed, area comparable and so on. This gives you a constant presence to the home owners. When they are ready to sell, you have a great chance of coming to mind and receiving a call.

Is there a better way to connect with these potential sellers?

While the method above works, there are a few draw backs. It’s the upfront investment and conversion ratio. This is where earlier I mentioned that you need to learn how to convert leads in transactions. Luckily for you and I , this is not the only method to find potential sellers.

Let try to find more home sellers that are willingly ready to act and list. Here are some additional ways. Investors, if you build good relationships with them, when they purchase and are ready to flip, you will be on their list. REO foreclosure, these sellers are ready to act now, building a relationship with an Asset management company and doing BPO’s is another great way. Are you really Social, you can definitely do paid ads on Facebook to target sellers in a specific areas, Google Adword ( This gets a bit expensive), Bing is also a good alternative costing less. Your circle of influence, this is probably the best way as seller leads would be referrals ( Warm Market ). Have you tried other agents, there are many agents who are out of the area, not in town or for various reasons are unable to take the listing. An example of this is an agent that referrals me residential listing since all he handles is larger commercial Real Estate. Whichever method you go with, it’s all about the amount of leads you get and can convert. An experienced agent can convert a lead quickly and has a high conversion ratio while a new agent might burn thru lots of leads due to their inexperience.   

During your prospecting, you will certainly come across leads that are considered Tire Kickers. They are just seeking information on the value of their home and are not truly ready and willing to sell. Learning to identify these seller and avoid wasting your time. Not even the best Real Estate agent can convert this type of lead. Time is money, so time not wasted is essentially money.

All in all, if you put in the work, test out different methods, you will find sellers which are ready. Many sellers have varies reason why they need to sell. Job relocation, down size ( Kids are gone ), retiring investor liquidating their assets and so on. Whatever the reason, you need to be in contact with them during these times to have a good chance of getting the listing.

Final note, there is not one method which works best then the other, every method works differently for every agent. Try and test varies ways, stick with the one which gave you the best results.  

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