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100% Commission Real Estate Company. Earn more money with our commission structure all while having success. Join Now and earn 100% Commission on all your Real Estate transactions. 

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100% Commission Real Estate Company + Broker Support + Today’s Technology = Success

Here Is Our Transparent Commission Plan

Our commission structure is not complicated and very simple. We charge a small transaction fee for every sale or rental. That is all, no yearly franchise fees and no hidden fees. Plus we also offer buyer incentives to our agents. Just a simple structure for our agents to enjoy more money in their pockets at closing. This 100% commission Real Estate structure is very beneficial in today’s Real Estate industry for many agents. No need to pay large splits from your hard earned commission. With Pro Agents Realty, your commission is your commission.

Our company provides all the tools needed for success in Real Estate, from broker support to private back end for agents only with all the Real Estate tools.

What Makes Pro Agents Better?

Our Difference Is Quality, 


We Know What You


Need To Be Successful

Awesome Support

Our Broker is available to answer questions you have, we are dedicated to assisting you in your growth and become successful in your Real Estate career.


Paperless Transaction

No need to print or fax anymore. With our paperless system you are able to work from another in the world, from home or any place comfortable.


Current Technology

Don’t fall behind on today’s technology. We are up to date on the current technologies used in the Real Estate Industry.

Paid At Closing

We provide the comfort of direct payment. You no longer need to wait a week or more to get paid. Go to closing and receive a check at the table Period!


Agent Backend

With our exclusive agent backend, you have all company forms, real estate tools, image editors, educational section, paperless transactions and much more. View Here


Free Personal Website Set Up

Our office will set up your personal website with full IDX property search and your direct contact info, all you need to do is register your domain or use our free subdomain, all leads go to you directly, there is no cost to the agent. Here is a sample, Website Sample


Structured For Todays Agent / Flat Fee Only, No Percentages 

$299 Per Transaction* / No Monthly Fees / Only $99 on Rentals  

$0 Monthly Fees
$0 Yearly Franchise Fees
Broker Support
Paid Directly at Closing, No Waiting

∙ Guidance Thru Transaction
 Fully Paperless
 Agent Backend Private Site
∙ Bonuses For Agents

 Compliance Review
Personalized Website With IDX
 Business Cards Design 
 Profile On Company Page 

* After $200 credit from company for transaction fee charged to seller / buyer. Credited after 3 sales with our company depending on experience. Transaction Fee is per sale per side

Personalized Website With IDX


We will design a website for you and incorporate IDX with your direct information, contact box etc. All leads go to you directly. We can supply a free subdomain from our site at no charge to you. 


* Our office provides websites only to active working agents. Website provided after one Real Estate transaction.



  • Website Hosting of  Data and Images
  • Home Evaluation Request
  • List My Home Request
  • Seller Articles
  • Buyers Articles
  • MLS Search
  • Personalized Subdomain

Sample 1    Sample 2    Sample 3

Company & Agent Overview

We Understand


The Needs And Wants


Of Today’s Realtor

Company Overview


∙ Full Broker support
Provide various listing services like flat fee etc
Work on your time and schedule
Paid directly by at closing
No monthly quota or pressure to perform
Part Time Or Full time agents welcomed
No yearly brokerage fee

Agent Overview


Office time is not required
No mandatory meetings
Zero traditional franchise fees
All business volume welcomed
Stress free and friendly environment
Great and energetic broker
Paperless transactions
Broward, Miami, West Palm Board Of Realtors
Same commission for everyone

Sure You Have Questions, Here Are The Most Common

Is There A Set Up Fee To Join?

NO. While some companies charge $99 – $199 start up fee to register with them, we don’t charge any. This helps new agents with the cost of new business cards or any other cost involved when you transfer.

Do I Have Full Broker Support?

You are not alone with us. Broker works full time and works directly with the agents. He will answer all questions, provide advise and guidance.

Is Your System Fully Paperless?

Completely. We will show you how to do all forms & contracts for a transactions paperless. How to edit, send for digital signature, arrange files and so on.

Any Training Provided?

We do hands on training, as you go thru the transactions, we guide you. Real Estate takes time to learn. We recommend having experience of at least 1 year before earning 100% commission. We do guide you thru the transactions as you need. The board of realtors has a lot of training classes which are real helpful.

Any Leads Provided?

As mentioned in the “Any Training” question. We give you 100% commission, so there is no way to provide leads. However, we do provide a profile on our website and provide you with a personal website, leads can come from there. Other traditional companies that say leads are provided, you are paying for it from your 70 / 30 split. So everything is relative. That is why we recommend at least 1 year experience. You have two options, either pay for leads giving away your money on an 70 / 30 split, or generate your own lead and keep all your commission.

Any Monthly Quotes Or Sales Volume Required?

No. Pro | Agents is for everyone. Weather you are a top producer, part timer or just beginning. Weather you do 1 transaction a year or 5 a month.

How Do I Get Paid?

Before closing, we provide you with a Broker Authorization form which you give to title company. They will pay you direct. If transaction is a rental, after all funds have been accounted for and all documents received, broker will disburse your commission.

Why Is 100% Commission Better?

Our Industry is changing everyday. We believe in looking forward and changing along with the industry. The traditional 70 / 30 split does not allow agents to succeed in this economy or industry any longer. We believe in giving back to the agents what they work so hard for.

What Makes 100% Commission Different?

When agents know they are getting full commission, agents get excited and produce more for themselves. Most agents work from home. We feel they deserve their full hard earned commission. Our commission plan is structured for agents to succeed. Join Us.

Are There Any Yearly Or Franchise Fees?

None at all. We are not corporate owned, we are independent and do not charge the yearly fees like larger corporate owned firms. 

Any Mandatory Meeting?

As an Independent Contractor, you are not obligated to attend meetings. If you would like to stay up to date on the market or changes going on, we encourage you to attend meetings when there is one.

What Board Are You With?

We are with the Broward, Miami, South Broward and West Palm Beach Board Of Realtors.

I’m Part Time Realtor, Is That Ok?

Yes. Pro | Agents Realty is for everyone. Full timers and part times who have a current job. Maybe you only do 1 or 2 transactions a year, that is fine with us.

Can I work From Home?

Yes. With today’s technology, most agents work from home. Our transactions are done paperless with Transaction Desk, Signed Digitally and all final documents can be emailed to broker.